Valdata Systems Provides Automatic Respirator Maintenance Enforcement

Valdata Systems

Chemical Management System provider Valdata Systems incorporates automatic respirator maintenance enforcement in its Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software

January 24, 2014: Valdata Systems has added a program enforcing respiratory safety to its popular software Manufacturing Execution System (MES) package.

After conducting market research within its customer base, Valdata found a need for respirator usage tracking as an enhancement to its existing resource management program.

“Our customers liked the resource management capabilities already offered, but felt that there was a piece missing, which was respiratory maintenance. This enhancement closed the loop and provides an extra level of protection for the employees and traceability and compliance benefits for the company.” Tom Winter, President, Valdata Systems.

The Respiratory Usage Tracking System enforces a company’s respirator safety policies and maintenance guidelines while providing complete traceability of every action taken. If an activity is flagged as requiring a respirator, the system requires the operator to scan a respirator. Not only does it flag the operator to scan a respirator, it will not allow him to proceed without one.

Once a respirator is scanned the system checks that unit’s activity log, ensuring that it has received the proper maintenance and is available for use. If the respirator unit’s activity log shows that maintenance required, the operator is prompted to perform the maintenance (e.g. filter change).

The system records each and every transaction, as well as tracking how many hours each respirator has been in use. Once a respirator hits the maximum number of allowable usage hours, it is flagged for maintenance and is no longer available for use.

“The Respirator Usage Tracking System takes the guesswork completely out of respirator maintenance, and protects the company and the employee against accidental respirator safety violations” Tom Winter.

The Valdata MES Respirator Usage Tracking System enforces the requirements set forth under OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 Respiratory Protection.

About Valdata Systems
Headquartered in Fairfield, NJ, Valdata Systems is a premier provider of Chemical Management solutions specifically targeting the Pharmaceutical, Flavor & Fragrance, Nutraceutical and Chemical Manufacturing industries.

Contact Information
Tom Winter, President
Valdata Systems
(888) 276-9321


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