Why Valdata

Many times a perspective client will ask ‘Why Valdata‘.

  • We have been focused on batch process manufacturing (Cosmetic / Pharmaceutical / etc) for 20+ years
    • We don’t even know what a widget is
  • Our solutions are affordable
    • Big functionality doesn’t have to mean a big price
    • We have both locally hosted and cloud based solutions
    • Pricing starts at $9 / user / month for Recipe Manager Express
  • We make your transition easy
    • We work with department heads to make sure the proper training is in place
    • All on-line training is recorded and made available to the user
    • Generic training videos are available to all CMS users
  • We will make you audit ready
    • Customers often comment that audits almost never result in non-conformances
    • Customers state that when in a competitive situation, their customers prefer vendors with computerized systems
  • We use container level inventory control
    • No more physical inventories (once you are comfortable with it)
    • Well over 99.9% accurate inventory
    • Eliminate excess stock on hand
    • 20+% increase in material handling efficencies
  • Prompt and police batch / package execution
    • We connect DIRECTLY to your scales
    • Never a bad batch due to wrong items / weights / lots used
    • Turn novices into superstars because the system prompts them throughout
    • We can even drive your PLCs
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
    • Electronic signatures means no second signer.  The user is the primary signer and CMS is the second checker.
    • We have a validation package available
  • Resource maintenance
    • CMS enforces scheduled cleaning / calibration schedules of tanks, scales, etc.
    • Eliminate paper records and notebooks
    • Create searchable tables.
    • Know what batches used what equipment in minutes.
  • Regulatory module
    • Included in CMS
    • Ability to import data from almost any data source (many being free)
  • Planning & Scheduling module
    • User friendly visual calendar
    • Ability to Reserve equipment
  • GHS authoring of SDS documents and labels
  • Built in Quality Control / LIMS
    • Automated sampling of incoming raw materials
      • Samples automatically created at the receiving dock
    • Automated sampling of bulk
      • In-process, final in-process and final testing samples are created automatically as a manufacturing step
    • Automated sampling of finished goods
      • Timers can be programmed to regularly test for weigh, torque, etc.
    • Sample data entry for incoming raws, components, bulk and finished product
    • Automated CofA generation
  • For regionally local customers, we support both your hardware and software needs
    • For non-regional customers, we will partner with a local supplier to make sure you get complete support
  • Large customer base
    • We have customers that range from large multi-billion dollar / year international corporations to small mom and pop companies with no more than 10 employees
  • We are easy to deal with
    • We are not SAP or Microsoft.
    • Our number one concern is your success.


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