CMS stands for Chemical Management System. In short, CMS is an ERP system, without the financials. CMS is particularly well suited for Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Flavor & Fragrance, Food and many other industries. The modules include everything from Sales order entry through purchasing, inventory management, batch execution, LIMS and shipping. What makes CMS so good in these industries is the experience we have achieved since 1996. We have listened to our customers and have designed and built a system that is more cost effective then our competitors and far & above more cost effective then manual operations. Our core philosophy is geared around three principles:

Prompt and police: Prompt operators through predefined steps and only once they have completed a step to within management defined tolerances do we allow the next step to be performed.

Direct Scale Connectivity: Throughout the system CMS interfaces with weighing equipment. We communicate directly with that equipment (including PLC based equipment), eliminating fudging of figures or even inadvertently recording incorrect information. Because we can also manage the calibration of that equipment, you will know the information gathered is 100% accurate.

Container Level Inventory Control: While most companies say they use barcodes, the true power of barcoding cannot be achieved unless you containerize your inventory. CMS customers regularly achieve 99.99% inventory accuracies, all without ever performing a physical.

These principles help companies to achieve 10-20% increased efficiencies with 99.99% accurate inventory and no bad batches.

Working - 04

Laboratory Information Management


Purchasing / Sales Orders


Host Connectivity


Recipe Development


Manufacturing Execution


Resource Maintenance

Working - 03

Material Resource Planning


Barcode Warehousing


GHS/SDS Document Generation

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