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After many years of discussions regarding Valdata Solutions, Davlyn Industries Inc. in Monroe Township, (wholly owned subsidiary of Shiseido company limited) implemented CMS in December of 2011. Ladio Hanzes, Executive Director of Manufacturing & Facilities, had this to say:

“I am happy to say we are realizing:

  • 100% weighing accuracy and Documentation
  • >25% weighing increase of pre-weigh containers / operator·
  • 20% decrease in documentation review time·
  • Live inventory bulk data post batch mfg with no administrative / warehouse input·

The top three were based on first 3 months of post CMS compared to pre CMS of similar batching volume. There are other improvements realized and we expect the numbers to improve, as our operators gain experience and we tweak further improvements.”


When George Ott, Director of Manufacturing for CHANEL, was asked to make some comments about Valdata’s Dispense Master for GCI, he had the following to say:

“…Valdata’s Dispense Master System has streamlined our raw material weighing and batch process operations, while improving inventory accuracy and process control. The Compound operators find the system easy to navigate and use, resulting in improved efficiency.”

(In fact, Chanel has estimated that the system has increased efficiencies by 20% to 30%)


CEI is a large contract cosmetic manufacturer based in Holmdel NJ with offices in Roanoke, VA, Ridgefield, NJ and Edison, NJ. CEI recently allowed Valdata cameras inside the Ridgefield facility for interviews and a video compilation of the installation. 

Dan Hare, Vice President of Quality and Regulatory had this to say about the implementation:

“It is without a doubt one of the most successful projects I have been involved with in the eight (8) years I have been with CEI.”


North America is Actavis’s single largest market with one-third of the company’s sales generated here. Following three major acquisitions in the US since 2005 ( Abrika Pharmaceuticals, Amide Pharmaceuticals and the US generic arm of Alpharma Inc), the company is now the eighth largest generic company in the market by value and the fifth largest by volume.

Danny Allis, Manager – Supply Chain Manager had this to say about CMS:

“CMS has been a great improvement to our Receiving, Sampling, and Dispensing processes thus far. The system has improved efficiency, accuracy, and control. Furthermore, there is a lot of anxiousness to move forward and utilize CMS in additional processes, as well as controls. Besides actually getting raw materials to the facility, it’s a comfortable feeling, knowing your inventory is accurate and being policed.”


Valdata Systems installed system on site and then set up a training program for Takasago’s employees on its use. The systems functionality and ease of use have impressed Takasago International’s Director of Applications Anthony Leardi. He had the following to say about the system:

“The system is a vast improvement on our original method of inventory removal, where an employee had to manually search through a large area of multiple storage shelves to locate the required samples. The new system eliminates a large amount of wasted employee time. I especially like the systems use of bar code technology and the innovative use of the robotic laser locator. It is obvious that this unique system greatly improves the use and value of the … system. … their company specializes in providing manufacturing automation and shop floor data collection systems that integrate with office MRP/ERP systems.”

J. MANHEIMER (now Kerry)

When one of the worlds largest Pharmaceutical manufacturers asked J. Manheimer what they thought of the system, the response was extremely positive. Below are some excerpts from the response back from Gerry Ferrara, Vice President of Operations at J. Manheimer:

“We have been using Valdata for over a year now on our Fragrance compounding shop floor. We have 10 compounders making an average 23 batches per day with an average 35 ingredients per batch. We have over 1000 raw materials in our inventory.

Prior to Valdata, we issued paper batch sheets which the compounders worked off of. This required them going to a terminal to look up where each ingredient was physically located. This used about 1 hour per day per man. Often, the material could not be found where the computer said it was because our process was not ‘real time’ (materials were deducted from inventory about 24 hours after the batch was completed).

Also, because we relied on compounders to write down lot numbers used, there was a reasonable percentage of errors resulting in inventory discrepancy.

Today, the raw materials are identified by reading a bar code, lots are verified the same way, precise amounts dispensed are recorded through the PC link to the scale and it is all ‘real time’. In the year prior to using Valdata, we had 5 mis-compounds due to operator error, in the last year we had two and one was an over dispense which was easily recovered by the rescale feature in Valdata (the other batch, the operator scanned the right bar code but then proceeded to pour an incorrect material anyway).

While we are slowly continuing to see increases in productivity, the improvement in product and data quality has been clear for some time now. During start-up, we found Valdata (particularly Tom and Allen) to be totally supportive of our needs. They developed a very good relationship with our operators and made many minor enhancements (often on the fly) as the needs arose.” We have been quite satisfied with the Valdata product, functionality and support. If we had to make the decision again, we’d proceed the same way.”


A recent customer made some very nice comments about their experience with CMS.  Unfortunately their legal department prefered not to have the employee or company identified.  Though we can tell you the nice things that they said:


I agree, it truly is user friendly and as you have mentioned, just spend a little time with it and it will come together.  I still have a lot to learn but I feel very confident I’ll get there.

I’m impressed at how versatile the application is. At any given point, if I get stuck (e.g. lack of chemical supply) It’s always just a few clicks away to resolve the issue and continue.

The ability to take this giant app and trim it down for our simple workflow just emphasizes its versatility.

Needless to say, I’m enjoying this.

Donald P.”

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