SaaS – Cloud

Available as a ‘software as a service’, Valdata can host your CMS database. Many smaller companies find this appealing due to the low startup costs and the lack of a need for a local IT department. Backup and all maintenance is provided by Valdata. While the software is always evolving, currently CMS is not a browser based product. Even when the data is hosted by Valdata, there is still a client piece of software that must be installed on the local PC. These PCs must (currently) be Windows based or Android based.

If you wish, updates can be pushed automatically to your version of the software, when available.

This plan is a month to month plan with maintenance included in the cost. There are no surprises with this service.

Local Install

CMS is available to be installed locally at the end users site. This type of installation requires that the customer have MS SQL server and the personnel to manage that database. CMS can also be installed on a cloud based machine that is managed by the customer. Many pharmaceutical companies and other businesses that are FDA regulated find that hosting CMS locally is their preference. Other SMB companies prefer that CMS be hosted by Valdata.

The only difference is that when hosted at the end users site, the license is perpetual. When the software is hosted by Valdata, the license is month to month.

The functionality is identical with the exception of authentication. In a locally hosted installation, authentication is provided via Windows.

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