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Whether your operation handles end-to-end product manufacturing or just a small part of it, recipe creation and management are some of the most important aspects of your company. Your ability to efficiently communicate these recipes to your operators can make the difference between success and failure.

This software was designed to save you time (and money) that is normally lost as a result of preventable errors in manufacturing. Check out the features below to see why Recipe Manager is one of the best pieces of recipe creation and management software available.

Valdata now offers a stand-alone software package called Recipe Manager. This software allows you to quickly and easily create batching and packaging recipes with clear, step-by-step process instructions. Because we understand the importance of getting it right the first time, Recipe Manager comes with many features to ensure smooth recipe development and precise execution.

Full Process Specifications

Recipe Manager allows you to develop formulations with full process specifications. Most other software packages only directly handle ingredients, while leaving other specifications to the side as a footnote. Recipe Manager makes all specifications (including vessels, temperatures, mixing times, sampling, and testing) integral to the process, even prompting the batchers to answer prompts and log data during batch execution.
Recipe Manager
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Process Definition Library

Expedite recipe creation and ensure language consistency with the use of our user-defined library of process definitions. Items from the library can be easily dragged and dropped into the recipe.

Hazard Codes, Precautionary Codes and Pictograms

Although there is no way to completely eliminate the need for manual information entry, GHSAuth takes every opportunity to make GHS document creation faster and easier. One way it does this is by utilizing various libraries. For example, Section 2 [Hazard(s) identification] has special functionalities whereby Hazard Codes, Precautionary Codes, and pictograms are chosen from pre-populated libraries in the software.
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Batch Corrections

Recipe Manager allows for batch corrections to be made during execution as a result of in-process testing.

Industry Specific Calculations

Recipe Manager can perform industry-specific calculations for chemicals, paints, and coatings. These calculations include VOC, pigments/binders, and non-volatile solids.

Multi-User Database

Multiple users/computers can share a common database to ensure easy recipe development collaboration. If desired, recipes can also be made private.

Calculate Finished Product Costs

Recipe Manager automatically aggregates and calculates the CAS percentages of all components of each ingredient.
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Laboratory Information Management


Purchasing / Sales Orders


Host Connectivity


Recipe Development


Manufacturing Execution


Resource Maintenance

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Material Resource Planning


Barcode Warehousing


GHS/SDS Document Generation

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