We understand that the food industry is one of the hardest industries to thrive in. Growing competition, cost uncertainties, and increasingly strict regulations are just a few of the challenges that food manufacturers face.

In a time where time and cost efficiency is of utmost importance, Valdata has the solution that will give your business the competitive edge that you need.

Recipe Manager

Recipes are the cornerstone of any company in the food industry. Our software’s Recipe Manager module allows you to create recipes quickly and easily.

Prevent the Use of Expired Inventory

All items in inventory can be assigned fixed expiration/destruct dates. This allows CMS to manage what materials can be used for orders and what must be either retested or disposed of. 
If an operator tries to use an expired lot of material for an order, CMS prevents them from doing so.

Prevent Inventory from Expiring

In addition to preventing the use of expired materials, CMS can also retroactively plan material use.
For example, the software can suggest “preferred lots” of materials to use for orders. This is determined by either “FIFO” (first in first out) or “FEFO” (first expired first out) enforcement.
This system not only makes staging easier for your workers, it also saves you money by preventing your raw materials from expiring in the first place.

Real-Time Costing

One of the biggest challenges companies in the food industry face is the high volatility of raw material costs. It is extremely difficult to assure sustainable profit margins when the costs of your raw materials are changing on a constant basis.
Our software allows for multiple different ways of costing materials. This can be done either by creating vendor price lists with set expiration dates, or on an order-by-order basis. This allows for a real-time understanding of how much each batch you produce is costing you – as well as your profit margins.
CMS can even suggest “preferred vendors” based on the price breaks of your different vendors and the amount of raw material being ordered. This guarantees that you are always getting your raw materials at the best price possible.

Improve Your HACCP Plan

CMS can be used as a key instrument in carrying out or upgrading your company’s HACCP Plan. Our software can integrate critical control points such as:

  • record keeping / documentation procedures
  • quality control and quality assurance procedures
  • scheduled pathogen testing
  • preventing expired material consumption
  • segregating allergens

Nutritional Analysis and Labeling

CMS even has the ability to calculate and print nutritional analyses of finished products based on the raw materials used in their recipes

GS1 Barcode Integration

GS1 barcodes are very popular in the food industry – and for good reason. These are special types of barcodes that make it easier for products to be tracked, processed, and stored within software systems. Our software is GS1 barcode compatible.
When barcoded materials are received, CMS can integrate those pre-existing barcodes and use them to track the materials. This makes receiving materials and managing inventory as easy as scanning barcodes.
In addition to integrating existing labels, CMS can also print new GS1 barcoded labels for both bulk inventory and finished products.

Seamless Traceability

Traceability is extremely important for companies in the food industry. Whether you are doing a mock-recall for an auditor or an actual recall due to a bad batch, the ability to quickly trace a material’s entire history is an absolute necessity.

With CMS, gone are the days of scrambling to sift through disorganized piles of paperwork. With just a few mouse clicks, you are able to forward and reverse trace everything in your entire operation from raw materials to finished goods.

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