Cosmetic ERP Software

Cosmetics companies trust Valdata Systems for their ERP software solutions. This is because our software provides them with unmatched traceability, inventory management, recipe development, and manufacturing.

CMS was originally designed for the pharmaceutical industry.  Like the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic manufacturers must adhere to some strict rules regarding inventory, quality and manufacturing.  This is even more so if OTC products are involved.

While not all cosmetic manufacturers require the controls available in CMS, non-OTC manufacturers can still use CMS for CGMP compliance.  We will optionally let you enforce FEFO or FIFO.  You can also elect to have ‘special’ notifications pop up when certain materials are handled.

CMS may come across sometimes as being very controlling and complicated.  Rest assured, you can configure CMS to be as ‘in control’ as you like.  You can also have it help with just your core processes.

Forward and Reverse Traceability

How long does it take you to perform a mock recall? With CMS, you can perform a mock recall in just a few mouse clicks. This is thanks to our forward and reverse tracing capabilities.

Barcoded Inventory Management

With our software, gone are the days of manually logging every time a material is moved or consumed. CMS uses barcodes to track your inventory. This makes warehousing as simple as scanning barcodes.

Recipe Development

CMS has many features designed to make recipe development a breeze. This includes user-populated libraries of instructions, drag-and-drop features, as well as real-time costing calculations.

Ensure your batches are done right every time by building recipes with clear, step-by-step instructions.

Manufacturing Execution

Enter batching orders and use your published recipes to manufacture your products. As raw materials are consumed, your inventory is automatically adjusted.

During production, operators are prompted and policed through each step of the process. If specified, operators may be required to enter data related to each step (i.e. actual recorded temperature, mixing time, etc.) before moving forward. This further ensures that your batches are done right every time.

Package Execution (production orders)

CMS has been designed with special Package Execution capabilities.  When used with Recipe Manager, all aspects of a production order can be defined and controlled.  With instructions that must be completed for pre-production, start of lot, end lot and end order, CMS can give you control in ways you never imagined.

For example, operators can be instructed to test for torque and fill weights at regular intervals.  This can be done by people operating the machine or by a designated QA person.

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Laboratory Information Management


Purchasing / Sales Orders


Host Connectivity


Recipe Development


Manufacturing Execution


Resource Maintenance

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Material Resource Planning


Barcode Warehousing


GHS/SDS Document Generation

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