Material Resource Planning

CMS has what many people call MRP technology. In CMS, this is referred to as the Plan Trace Set Viewer.

The Plan Trace Set Viewer compares demand for ingredients, components and finished goods to available stock on hand. Demand is created by shipping or batching / packaging orders.

Where there is a deficit of an item, Plan Trace Set Viewer will recommend when and how much to order of an item. Because CMS understands what items make up another item, Plan Trace Set Viewer can also break down a shipping order for a finished item into the most basic items (raw materials / components, etc)

Companies that can effectively use Plan Trace Set Viewer will always have just the right amount of inventory on hand.

Provides Order By Date

Supplier lead time and testing time is taken into account to provide “Order by Dates” to keep your orders on schedule.

Lots That Can Be Retested Are Used

Lots that are expired, but can be retested for re-release, are used for resource planning.

Enforces Priority Jumping

Orders that have a higher priority, even if the required date is further out, will take precedence when it comes to item allocation.

Minimum Stock On Hand

Inventory items can be assigned a minimum available stock on hand. When the stock of an item falls below that amount, an alert to order is given.

Vendor Specific Aware

Materials can be manually assigned a preferred vendor to order from.

Overnight Email Notifications

Notifications to order are emailed to assigned recipients overnight.

Order Status Aware

Plan Trace Set Viewer will show where demand is being supplied from. If supply is a past due purchase or batching order, a “+” sign will be indicated.

Highlights Materials To Be Expedited

Materials whose lead times are past their required delivery date are highlighted to indicate that they require expedited delivery.






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