Inventory Management System is Now Available in a Cloud Version

Valdata Systems

Valdata Systems Announces the Availability of its Inventory and Warehouse Management System in a Cloud Version

March 18, 2014: Valdata Systems has released a cloud version of its popular Inventory Management software designed specifically for manufacturers.

Valdata has been supplying high end chemical management and inventory management systems to manufacturers for over 15 years, updating and customizing its software to meet the specific needs of its customers.

The uniqueness of the Valdata inventory management software lies in its ability to uniquely identify inventory at the container level, almost eliminating the errors and confusion typically associated with lot inventory tracking.

While the hosted version of the software has been available for a number of years, the release of the cloud version provides customers with a choice – purchasing the software and hosting it locally on their own network, or subscribing to a hosted service for a monthly fee.

“The ability to utilize the complete system for a relatively small monthly fee has enormous implications for companies who are considering the inventory management system but want to “get their feet wet” before committing to the project.” Tom Winter, President, Valdata Systems

Benefits of Valdata Inventory Management Software:

–Paperless, real time barcode system fully integrateable with all hosts
–Unique “license plate” barcoding for accurate tracking at the container level
–Inventory accuracy of up to 99.9%
–Simple scan-and-place inventory movement – in real time
–Complete audit trail of all transactions from raw material receipt through finished goods delivery
–Smart and paperless cycle counting
–Information on the Inventory Management Software
—Information on Valdata Cloud products

About Valdata Systems
Headquartered in Fairfield, NJ, Valdata Systems is a premier provider of Chemical Management solutions specifically targeting the Pharmaceutical, Flavor & Fragrance, Nutraceutical and Chemical Manufacturing industries.

Contact Information
Tom Winter, President
Susan Balsamello, Marketing Director
Valdata Systems
(888) 276-9321


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