Long time customer Cosmetic Essence, LLC (CEI) implements full batch execution

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Longtime customer of Valdata, Cosmetic Essence, LLC (CEI), expands usage of CMS at Ridgefield, New Jersey plant to include full Prompt & Police MES batch execution.

Cosmetic Essence, LLC (CEI) based out of Holmdel, NJ is no stranger to Valdata.  CEI has been using Valdata’s Chemical Management System (CMS) for many years now.  Initially installed in Ridgefield, NJ the system was expanded to include CEI’s Roanoke facility a few years back.

The initial implementation of Valdata CMS at CEI covered:

  • Raw material inventory control
  • LIMS
  • Pre-weigh batch execution

While implementations of Valdata CMS have gone well, providing improved efficiencies and inventory accuracies in excess of 99.9%, CEI wanted more.

Step in full paperless MES batch execution.

Now Cosmetic Essence employees are prompted and policed through the entire batching process.  With detailed process specifications being maintained in Valdata CMS, CEI formulators have the ability to precisely define manufacturing steps (heat & mix times, blending steps, etc.), knowing that these instructions will be presented to operators exactly as defined.  Furthermore, those process instructions will be executed based on computer guided prompting and policing.

What is prompt and police?  CMS uses a process where it electronically prompts an operator to perform one task.  Only when that one task is performed to within predefined limits (policed), does the system allow the operator to move to the next step / prompt.

“As CEI continues to expand its use of CMS, I fully expect that their operations will become more and more efficient, adding to their bottom line.  We highly value our customer partnerships and strive to meet the challenges presented to us with hardware and software solutions that suit their needs exactly.” –Tom Winter, President, Valdata Systems

About Valdata Systems (www.valdatasystems.com)

Headquartered in Fairfield, NJ, Valdata Systems is a premier provider of Chemical Management Solutions specifically targeting the pharmaceutical, flavor and fragrance, nutraceutical, paints and coatings, food and beverage, and chemical manufacturing industries.

Contact information:

Tom Winter, President, Valdata Systems

Tel (888) 276 9321


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